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About The Penfound Project
Why I'm here.

Welcome to The Penfound Project.

This is in free informational site for people that would like to find out more about psychology, computers and genealogy without having to sign up for accredited courses. Here you can dip in or out as your wish.

Hopefully you might find something to interest you. Perhaps you might then consider taking the subject further or more formally.

The Penfound Project is the culmination of many years dreaming and procrastination about how to achieve the presentation of the information I wanted to share in the most effective way.

I believe in equality for everyone. In practice, this means that everyone should have an equal opportunity to become or learn whatever they want - without barriers! I have come to realise over the years that there is a great deal of wasted talent out there and my aim with this website is to, maybe, interest you in something you have not thought about before.

I am a qualified teacher with a degree in psychology, a member of the British Psychology Society and, in addition, have nearly 30 years experience of building, repairing and programming computers. None of that makes me an expert - I am still learning.

If you have an interest in a subject, you can learn about it and previous qualifications or entry requirements are not necessary. If your skills in mathematics are a little on the weak side, it does not mean that you should not have a go at programming.

No-one is clever enough to be an expert!

The site is free to use and respects you privacy. For more details and to read our privacy policy, please use the link on the left.